The Azure Furniture Co.

Handmade, American furniture crafted using beetle kill pine reclaimed from our Colorado forests.


Our Story


When we started The Azure Furniture Co. we simply asked, “Why cut down live trees when there are so many standing dead? How much good can we produce from a really bad situation? How many American jobs can we create? How much impact can we have on preventing a looming forest fire?". And so began our mission: Provide a creative solution to millions of acres of dead trees in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.



In our designs, we go back to what is the essence of good furniture: impeccable craftsmanship, quality materials, timeless design. Azure furniture is authentic, warm and natural. It is strong, functional and sturdy, made with a passion for pure lines and a respect for the wood itself. Every product is carefully handcrafted in our own workshop in Denver, CO.   

Five years later we are proud to say that The Azure Furniture Co. has made significant progress toward achieving these goals. Our company has seen double-digit growth every year having produced hundreds of pieces. We have more than quadrupled our original staff, and, perhaps most importantly, reclaimed over 100,000 feet of dead pine trees from Colorado's devastated forests.  

And we're just getting started.



We now look to the future, full of new partners and new ventures to reimagine what is possible. How much good can come from this situation? Just what is possible? Our team looks to you to imagine with us. We encourage you to spend some time perusing our website. Get to know our furniture, get to know our family. We hope to work with you very soon.  

Here's to a bright future and healthier forests.